Self Talk App

Self Talk App

Gone are the days when you can't take it with you. With smartphones and tablets, you can take positive self-talk anywhere there is a wireless or wifi connection. You can listen to positive self-talk and review power graphics to push your mind in a positive direction. It has never been easier or more convenient to fill your mind with positive things.

Positive Books
Dr. Dave has written twelve positive thinking eBooks that you need to have in your mind. Send your mind a positive message today.
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Join Team Maxing Out as they circumnavigate on their catamaran and drive around the world in their Land Rover Defenders.
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Self Talk App has a great selection of FREE positive self-talk and power graphics from Dr. Dave's seven books of positive self-talk. This is your opportunity to sample the positive self-talk and power graphics found on the Positive Thinking Network and The Positive Channel.

Positive Self-Talk from Dr. Dave

Twenty Positive Messages for Your Smartphone and Tablet

Nine Power Graphics for Your Smartphone and Tablet

Start Filling Your Mind With Positive Things

Positive Social Media

Positive Self Talk Books For A Positive Life

Save A Tree Bookstore

Although I like the feel of a paper book in my hand, I love trees even more. When people purchase an eBook, they actually save trees and save money as well. Ebooks are less expensive and have no negative impact on the environment. All of Dr. Dave's books are available at Save A Tree Bookstore. Visit the bookstore today and start putting good things into your mind. It's easy to fill your mind with positive things using eBooks. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can pull out your smart phone or tablet and start reading. You can even use electronic highlighters and make annotations in your eBooks just like paper books.

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