Made to Move - Too Many Drummers

Made To Move - Too Many Drummers

Made To Move - Too Many Drummers

The Power of Positive Music is immense. It creates an internal fireworks display that is fun to experience.

Music resonates with your inner spirit, and when you listen to music, you hear the sound of your dreams.

The music machine can transport you anywhere in time and space. Music gives you the power to move your mind in virtually any direction.

Music speaks the language of the heart and mind, and good music actually changes the way you think and feel and makes your life better.

The Power of Positive Music is proud to present "Made To Move" by Too Many Drummers.

This album is more than great music. It's powerful rock with a positive message.

This is your opportunity to experience the power of positive music.

Don't waste your time sitting around making bun prints in the sands of time.

You were made to move forward in the direction of your dreams.

Captain - Save Our Souls

Captain, tell me what to do
Are the rumors all true
The storm's ahead
I've been talking to the crew
And after all that we've been through
We're still afraid

Digging Deep

I'm digging deep
Cause this mountain's moving me
There's no retreat
Just a destiny to meet
I plant my feet
Cause this slope ain't slippin' me
My destiny isn't bound by gravity

Made To Move

Now I see there's nothing wrong with me
I"m wired differently
That's Ok
I was made to move past expectation to higher elevation of groove
I'm not crazy
I'm just made to move

Fast Asleep

Fast asleep for far too long
I slumber as we soldier on, awake
Awake, the rust must bleed
For heavens sake, awaken me

Breathe Deep

No more lines in the sand
This time I'll stand
Though I'm no so strong
Let every whisper tonight be prayers that I rely on
As one more breath invades my chest,
I know that Your're not finished with me yet

No Turning Back

I can taste the ocean
I can feel the motion from here
I can touch the sunrise
I can hear the birds cry from here
And there's no turning back

Long Way Home

Least of these
Pleased to meet you
Have we met before
I recognize it in your eyes
You're on the brink of going critical
You need a miracle

New Reality

I traveled so far
I circled the sun
I questioned the stars and wished upon one
I stood at the edge and shouted my name
I couldn't relent until and answer came


Black and white fade to grey
As certainty slips away
But love won't leave me alone
It forces me to be known
All the things that I become in the course of my ambition
It's a carousel collision with who I'm meant to be

Lift Up Your Head

Lift up your head and lay your burdens down
No more regrets
They just don't matter now
Hope for the weary
I can hear my Father calling
Oh, we are not alone for our God is with us always