Living Without Borders As A Citizen Of The World

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I am a daktari without borders. I am not sure when and where borders disappeared from my mind, but sometime in the last quarter century, I became a citizen of the world. Wherever I am on planet earth, I feel at home in my borderless world.

Animals do just fine without borders, and most people do pretty good as well. Sometimes I get the feeling that borders are fictional boundaries created by the rich and powerful to maintain their power and wealth.

One of the best things about sailing on the ocean is the absence of visible borders. The rich and powerful have not yet figured out a way to divide the ocean into parcels that they can sell, tax, regulate, and go to war to defend.

One of the reasons I like Land Rovers and sailboats so much is they fit nicely in my borderless world.

Billionaires don't like worlds without borders.

They like to puchase large tracts of land on which they can build high walls and place barbed wire fences to exclude people like me.

When I lived in Arabia, I spent the weekends exploring and camping in the desert.

For the first ten years, we had free access to the desert.

Then it became fashionable for billionaires to build palaces in the desert, and suddenly high walls and barbed wire fences started to appear.

We had to go deeper into the desert if we wanted to live in our borderless world.

The desert bedouins are different than the rich and famous.

They live in a borderless world, and they are not particularly fond of high walls and fences.

Bedouins do not own land. They share it with other members of their family and tribe. They move their tents and flocks with the seasons.

I confess I like bedouins a great deal. They are kind and generous people who live a simple life.

Wherever I sailed around the world, I continually met people who had simple pleasures and a great life. Although they didn't have much money, a complicated lifestyle, or lots of things, they did have contentment.

Throughout our circumnavigation, there was a positive correlation between a simple life and contentment.

When I returned to "civilization" in the rich countries, people were consumed by the cost of living high, and contentment was in short supply.

Several times in my life, I almost succumbed to the Gospel of More. You know what I mean.

More is better, and the person who dies with the most toys wins.

Its victims give free reign to desire; they spend their lives chasing after everything that does not satisfy. Only at the end of their life do they realize more is actually less, because more chases contentment out of their heart.

Of course, this may all be sour grapes. After all, I'm not rich in the things of this world.

My pile of dollars is fairly small, and in the acquisitions department, I didn't end up with a mountain of things; I have only a small mound to stand on.

If you look under my mattress, you won't find a stash of cash. Instead, you will only find contentment.

When I'm back in "civilization", there's a certain malaise in my life.

I'm treading water in a sea of discontent, and all of the things I didn't have or need a few months ago are now part of my life. I have fallen off Exit Only, and I want to get back on board.

God willing, it won't be long before I have another adventure, and once again I will raise my glass of contentment and toast a life of adventure without borders.

Dr. Dave

There Are No Limits - Only Limiting Beliefs

Positive Thinking Doctor

David J. Abbott M.D. is the Positive Thinking Doctor. He spent his career working as an eye surgeon in developing countries. Although Dr. Dave was trained to preserve and restore vision using surgery, he also wanted to fight inner blindness and restore inner vision teaching people how to look at the world through eyes of possibility and love. Dr. Dave has written twelve books that you need to have in your mind. He also created a Positive Thinking Network that is the home of positive thinking on the world wide web. People from one hundred ninety-six countries come to the Positive Thinking Network to find out everything they want to know about how to have a positive mind.

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The best place to get your daily dose of positive thinking is The Positive Channel. Positive thoughts are just a click away. This is your opportunity to change the way you think and feel about who you are and what you can do with your life. If you want to change your life, you must first change the way you think. When you change the things you think about, the way you think about things changes. When you change the things you talk about, the way you talk about things changes. Your new life starts today when you start putting positive things into your mind.

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There Are No Limits - Only Limiting Beliefs

Dr. Dave Says

At the end of each decade of your life, you should sit down and write a short essay entitled "What I Have Learned So Far." Each decade is different, and the lessons you learn are different as well. It's almost as if you get a new life during each decade. Your beliefs change about who you are and what you can do, and you actually become a different person.

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